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  5. "Sinä olet aina hyvä ystävä."

"Sinä olet aina hyvä ystävä."

Translation:You are always a good friend.

July 4, 2020



This is probably a dumb question, but when you handwrite the Finnish ä do you put the dots after you write the a part or after you have completed the word do you go back and add the dots?


Think of it this way: when do you usually add the dot on the "i"? But I'd say it depends on the person. Also, you are probably right.


That's right. I'd personally first write the body ("a") and then immediately add the dots. However, many people, myself included, often don't have the patience to add actual dots, instead you just write a straight line above the "a", so it looks more like "ā". It's just faster that way. :)


It is up to you.!


What's the difference between sinä olet and just olet? Don't they both mean you are?


They mean the same, no difference!


Is there any way to get different questions for the hard practice? I get 90% listening tasks and i find them the least useful. I would prefer tasks where i need to listen and translate at the same time, or to free write the transltion from english to finnish. Like this, once in done with one milestone i cant really study it anymore...


This seems to be a sentence that would be useful after a few koskenkorva


I have a doubt What is the Finnish language of go to bathroom

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