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"Suola ja pippuri ovat tuossa."

Translation:The salt and the pepper are right there.

July 4, 2020



Shouldn't "Salt and pepper are right there" also be a valid answer? Since there are no articles in Finnish, the above sentence can refer to both a certain pepper and salt, but also pepper and salt in general, e.g. in a restaurant (or buffet) where there are several of each available?


Yeah, that should be accepted! Remember to report all missing alternative translations that you notice


What's the difference betwen tuossa and tuo?


tuo = that, tuossa = there


"Salt and pepper are right there" is also correct. Reported.


The most common way of putting this in English would be "The salt and pepper are right there." The second "the" would be omitted but implied. The second "the" is not wrong but does not sound like native speech, unless there is some particular reason for including it.

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