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  5. "It is soda pop."

"It is soda pop."

Translation:Se on limonadia.

July 4, 2020



The pronunciation for limonadia is incorrect. The first 'a' should not have a long a sound. Also, it is more common for Finns to call soda 'limsa'.


why not 'se on limonadi'


From what ive been told that would be correct if you were referring to the whole of soda, like a whole bottle but, if you were to taste a small amount etc you would say limonadia because the extra a essentially means some soda. Check out this video: https://youtu.be/K8OvpTGF4dM


Why are we adding a at the end


It's partitiivi, the partitive case. As far as I understand it is used for uncountable things and lemonade is such a thing. So the -a means that it is "some lemonade" or a part of all the lemonade that exists. More info in the tips section for this study unit (available via browser, unfortunately not in the app)


I agree the pronunciation sounds off.


If soda pop can also be Sooda in Finnish, why not teach it like that? Limonadi is so counter-intuitive!


soda pop is not sooda though. sooda is usually used to mean baking soda.

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