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  5. "Hänellä on sininen koti."

"Hänellä on sininen koti."

Translation:She has a blue home.

July 4, 2020



Does this sentance make sense to native speakers?

I mean, since "koti" is "home", not "house" - it feels more like an abstract place where you live, not a particular building or apartment or whatever.

So "blue house" sounds perfectly fine, but "blue home" - I'm not sure.


No, it doesn't make much sense, you're absolutely correct. Reading this sentence I immediately thought of blue furniture, floors, walls etc. Blue EVERYTHING.


A blue Corvette too.


'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen.


I'm blue da ba dee...


as a native speaker having a blue home would imply to me that the person is sad at home. if they had a house that was painted blue or had a lot of blue decorations i would say it as "a blue house"


My missus made that comment when i mentioned blue home. Been sad. I also remember the "blue house" sininen talo in Salo.


Came here for the I'm blue da ba dee da ba da comments and once again I was not disappointed.


Refused because of she has/ he has.


Da ba dee da ba daa?


difference between talo and koti?


talo = house
koti = home


I find this very interesting. Apparently Finnish has a distinction similar to that in English between house and home, but sininen koti is a reasonable Finnish expression, whereas blue home is distinctly odd in English. Perhaps there is no good English translation of sinenine koti, or perhaps the best translation is blue house and some bit of the nuance in Finnish has to be lost because there isn't a one-to-one correspondence between words in one language and the other.

In English a home is a house or habitation viewed in terms of the attachments its inhabitants have to the location and each other, not in terms of the material it is made of. What exactly does koti mean in Finnish if one can speak of a koti being blue?


My last name is Kotiaho and is Finnish. Does part of that (koti) translate to home?

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