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  5. "Where is the ketchup?"

"Where is the ketchup?"

Translation:Missä ketsuppi on?

July 4, 2020



There's no different to say missä on ketsuppi or missä ketsuppi on - and still I've got an error. And, in this case it would be better to say missä ketsuppi on, because in this sentence the object is in higher role than the verb


"Missä on ketsuppi" should definitely also be counted as correct


Whats the difference between missä ketsuppi on and missä on ketsuppi?


There's no bigger difference in meaning. In my ears, the latter [Missä on ketsuppi(a)?] you would probably say when you are in a new place, as a guest or in a restaurant, and you are not quite sure if there is any ketchup, but the first one is the question when you ask when you know there is ketchup in the household but not sure where THE ketchup is (you mean the exact bottle of it you've seen earlier).


A very important phrase for us Americans

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