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"Tämä on väärin ja tuo on oikein."

Translation:This one is incorrect and that one is correct.

July 4, 2020



In an earlier module, I replied with the words wrong and right and my answer was accepted, with incorrect and correct offered as another option. This time, it wouldn’t accept wrong/ right. Inconsistent :-/


This is wrong and that is right. (right/correct) Imo should be accepted.


'One' is implied and not needed here.


I used the words false and true, which is the same as incorrect and correct. This should be corrected too


@TarjaVermeer: Logically you are correct, but from a linguistic point of view your statement is "false." (Sept 2020)


In Finnish false and true = epätosi ja tosi. Although "epätosi" is mostly used in formal logic, mathematics, and computer programming.

Not all uses of a word in English will translate to the same word in Finnish. Or most other languages.


not correct is not equal to incorrect?

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