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Dutch Pronunciation Help?


I have been learning Dutch for about a month now and it is extremely difficult, unlike Spanish, which I have been doing for about five months.

My main problems with Dutch are the pronunciation and spelling. I tried seeing which other languages would be easier than Dutch (other than Spanish) and every other available language for English speakers on Duolingo has very strange and difficult pronunciation, unlike Spanish. (In my opinion).

If I could get some help on Dutch pronunciation that would be great. Thanks!

August 5, 2014



Do you have a specific word or sound that you have problems with?


The "ij" and "de".


Perhaps I may suggest that you search in Youtube for Nijntje. You will find a number of dutch cartoons for children about Nijntje the Rabbit. The voiceover has the correct dutch pronunciation and can help you with the typically dutch 'ij' sound, as the name Nijntje is mentioned a lot.


In case you haven't found it, we have a thread about Dutch pronunciation that may be able to help you. If you still have trouble just let us know and we'll try to help.


I did not know this! Thanks!


And there's a thread on Dutch spelling as well!


I have been learning Dutch for a litte over a week now and find it amazingly easy to understand, even more so than German. By that I mean that the pronouns have English similarities, so that when the Dutch say "hij" and"zij", it really sounds like "he" and "she." I agree that it would help if duolingo had an alphabet at the beginning, but I am getting used to the Dutch "g" sounding closer to the Spanish version. Please post if you find additional resources.

I have studied French and agree that French is difficult to pronounce--especially for a beginner. For some reason we Americans tend to have lousy French accents. Spanish is easier for an English speaker. Italian seems easier too. And I have not touched Portuguese, so I cannot comment.

Out of curiosity, do you find Dutch harder than German?


No. Dutch is much easier than German, I took German until Level 5 and quit.


i agree. all i know is that j is pronounced as y and g is a sound that comes from deep in your throat.

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