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"Perhe rakastaa viisasta mummoa."

Translation:The family loves the wise grandma.

July 4, 2020



My Finnish contact (keski-suomi) says: the word for -grandmother- is -mummu-, not mummo. -Mummo- is more general for -old woman- similar to the russian -babushka-. I have not seen any comment from anybody else in this regard, so perhaps I am going out on a limb.


In my southern Finnish idiolect, "mummu", "mummi", "mummo" and "mummeli" can all mean "grandmother". However, only two of the latter ones can also mean "old woman". Where I'm from, "mummo" seems like the most common variant and "mummu" seems like the least common one.


Thanks a lot Kristian. I had been wondering about this, quietly, for a while.

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