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Contacting students

Is there any way in Duolingo for Schools to send messages to the students that registered in the English course I created, both personal and to the class?

July 4, 2020



Ramiro772701, the only e-mails that Duo sends are an e-mail with the assignment, an e-mail congratulating the students for completing the assignment, and an e-mail to you with a list of student activity. You will have to rely on your normal methods of communication (e-mail, class website, Learning Management System, phone calls...) to reach out to your students.


Thank you. I thought there would be a way for me as a teacher to reach my students individually through Duolingo, or check their specific work to be able to give them more personal feedback.


Unfortunately, there is no way to give specific feedback. You can look at their progress in your classroom to get a sense of their pacing, at least. But since Duo is adaptive (that is, the students can't progress until they get the questions correct), then I think the best thing you can do is predict where your students are going to struggle, and pre-teach as much as possible.

I have to admit, in this wacky age of remote teaching, giving that instant and specific feedback is one of my greatest struggles. I feel that with Duolingo, at least, they do get that instant feedback.

What I finally did was film myself doing the lesson that I want my students to do, and talking about what I think will trip them up while I worked my way through it. ("Be careful here to make sure that you match the adjective to the noun." etc .) I also filmed a companion lesson pre-teaching the vocabulary.

Just a thought. I hope this helps!


No. There is no way on Duolingo to do that.

Reason:Kids can create classes then if that was a feature they could get other kids to join then bully them.



Very hypothetical.

It is forbidden to share classroom codes on the forum and profile bio fields.

If you find a kid creating classrooms and sharing classroom codes or inviting people, directly submit an ABUSE report to staff.


Thank you. I will do if that ever happens.


I'm aware. I meant kids that live around them.


So, my students have email addresses. Is there anywhere to pick up their email? Such as following another student they want you to have them send an email. Can't find where to use email.

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