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"Pyry ei tajua, että teatteri on vielä auki."

Translation:Pyry does not realize that the theater is still open.

July 4, 2020



Realise, as opposed to realize, should be accepted too.

[deactivated user]

    Please accept doesn't as well as does not!!!


    Agreed. Use of contractions is universally accepted now.


    "pyry is not realizing that the theater is still open" should be accepted?


    Do you always write a comma before että like you do in German before dass?


    Yes, you do. Clauses are separated by a comma for the most part, no matter the order in which they appear.

    "En halua tulla mukaanne, vaikka kalastaminen onkin mukavaa." (I don't want to come with you even if/even though fishing is nice.)

    "Vaikka kalastaminen onkin mukavaa, en halua tulla mukaanne."

    Some conjunctions to keep in mind:

    Two main clauses: ja (and), sekä (and, as well as), sekä + että (both + and), eli (or, in other words), tai (or), joko + tai (either + or), vai (or), mutta (but), vaan (but), sillä (because, for)

    These either require a comma or don't, if it's for instance a question of two very short clauses or the two clauses have the same subject you do not need a comma before "ja", for instance.

    Main clause + subordinate clause: että (that), jotta (so that), koska (because), kun (as, when), kunnes (till, until), jos (if), vaikka (even if/though, although)

    "Hän on minusta mukava, koska hän on aina ystävällinen." - I think he is nice because he is always friendly.


    Relative clauses: joka, jotka, joille, joihin, mikä, mitkä, mille, mihin...

    "Näin kissan, joka ylitti kadun" - I saw a cat that crossed a street. ("joka" refers to "kissa")

    "Näin kissan, mikä teki minut onnelliseksi. - I saw a cat, which made me happy. ("mikä" refers to "näin kissan")

    Question words: mikä, missä, miksi, mihin, kuka, milloin... + -ko/kö

    "Tiedätkö, milloin he tulevat?" - Do you know when they are coming?

    "Tiedätkö, onko Mirri heidän mukanaan?" - Do you know if Mirri is with them?


    Kiitos for the comprehensive reply. I appreciate it.

    [deactivated user]

      Something like this should be in the tips. might be a good idea to get this achieved, but how?


      There is one case, in which the comma is not used before "että".

      "Both the cat and the dog" is translated "Sekä kissa että koira".

      Otherwise the comma is needed.

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