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See It & Say It In...Spanish, German, French, Italian

I recently came across this book in Books-A-Million and purchased it. It's called See It & Say It In Spanish. You can also get this book for German, French, and Italian! I find it to be a very useful resource. Each page presents a handful of useful vocabulary (for the most part), along with simple sentences and phrases. As you progress through the book you are introduced to different verb tenses, plurals, different scenarios (e.g. at a restaurant; at a hotel), etc. There are also simple exercises throughout. It actually reminds me of Duolingo in some ways (a book version). Depending on how far along you are in these languages, the book will either be a helpful refresher for you or a source of new material. Either way, I think language learners will benefit from this resource. Go ahead and search for it on Amazon and/or your local bookstore (although, bookstores are more likely to carry only the Spanish and French versions).

Has anyone else come across or used this resource? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

4 years ago

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I use memrise and someone has created a course on there based on this system. I actually find it helpful so I think I will order this book. Thanks for posting this :)

4 years ago