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"Excuse me, I need a piece of information."

Translation:Excusez-moi, j'ai besoin d'un renseignement.

July 4, 2020



What's the matter with 'd'un bout d'information'?


It is a direct word for word translation from english that does not work in french.


essentially you can 'ask' someone for a piece of 'renseignement' or for some renseignements. RENSEIGNEMENT/S IS A DIRECT RESPONSE TO A QUERY. INFORMATION obtained through the news/reading etc etc. You cannot 'demander un unformation/des informations'


Thank you. Here is an extended discussion of the distinction, if anyone else is interested: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/informations-vs-renseignments.440103/


Thanks if you notice in the module DUOLINGO uses many sentences which bear ou this subtle difference, which I must admit I havn't totally wrapped my head around..and am sure to mess up in future.


What's suggested is 'il me faut un renseignement' but it was marked wrong. Je me sens très déçue!


why is "Pardon moi" not accepted as a translation for "excuse me" They're interchangeable in English - is this not the case in French?


Because 'Pardon moi' doesn't mean anything in French. Are you thinking of 'Pardonne moi' or 'Pardonnez moi'?


great to know - I was convinced there was such a thing as "pardon moi", but logic and grammar discount it as you so clearly explain. Thanks.


How about just pardon instead of excuser moi?

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