"An robh thu fuar? Bha."

Translation:Were you cold? Yes.

July 4, 2020

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In Irish this sentence "an raibh tú fuar" would be answered in the affirmative as "bhí mé" (i was). So am i right to assume that this 'bha' in Gàidhlig is just "was" and to say 'i was' it'd be 'bha mi'?

Or, as it is in Irish, it is sufficient to just use bha(bhí) on its own without the mi(mé) since it's implied?


I’m fairly sure you’d answer using just the verb in Irish too: an ólann sé fuisce? ólann; an bhfuil tú go maith? táim; an raibh tú fuar? bhíos. The full synthetic forms (táim, bhíos) may be used, but not with a separate subject as in tá mé or bhí mé (not sure if one would say just instead of táim as an answer, though?). See GnaG

In Sc. Gaelic most of those synthetic forms don’t exist anymore, so the verb is just repeated (bha, tha, etc.).


Yeah, you would just say Bha on its own; the mi isn't necessary.

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