"Tha bràthair beag agad."

Translation:You have a little brother.

July 4, 2020

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The final "r" in "bràthair" sounds like a "d" or "t". I've noticed that in other similar-ending words. Is that common in some dialects or is it an idiosyncratic pronunciation of the reader?


It's a "slender r" - the i preceding it makes it slender. The slender r sound varies, but is often like a "th" sound, sometimes very light and unvoiced, sometimes heavier and voiced - but not like anything you're likely to think of as an English r sound.


Thanks for the explanation. I'll have to mind that,and look out for it in future.


Does little here also count for age, or does beag stick to describing physical size? In English little works for both, but I get other languages might not do that same.


bràthair beag works the same as "little brother" does in English - either a younger brother or a brother who is small.

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