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"It is evening and it is nine o'clock."

Translation:On ilta ja kello on yhdeksän.

July 5, 2020



My answer "se on ilta ja kello on yhdeksän" is wrong?


In Finnish you don't use "se" in sentences like these when talking about times or weather etc. Sometimes that happens in spoken Finnish, though, but never in written, proper Finnish.


Could be "On ilta ja se on yhdeksän"?


If the sentence is ''It is evening and it is nine o'clock'' then shouldn't that translate to ''on ilta ja kello on kaksikymmentäyksi''?


That would sound odd. Finnish uses a mixture of 12- and 24-hour clocks, which is a bit difficult to explain since it's not very precise. In speech 12-hour clock is more common, with exceptions being for example when the exact time down to the minute is important. For example if a train departs at 21.07 (the separator in Finland is a full stop, not a colon), it would be natural to say it kaksikymmentäyksi nolla seitsemän.

When using 12-hour clock the a.m./p.m. type of additions are not normally used. If it's somehow unclear whether the given time is morning or evening, it can be shown by adding aamulla / illalla (morning/evening).


Can I say "on ilta ja on kello yhdeksän" or does it has to be "... ja kello on yhdeksän"?


The latter is better and more natural. The first one is possible but it sounds too poetic for the everyday speech.

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