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"Olemme pahoillamme, meillä ei ole yhtään teetä."

Translation:Our apologies, we do not have any tea.

July 5, 2020



We are sorry, we do not have any tea - should be also accepted.


I'm going to with other people here (minus expletives): the goal here is to learn Finnish, not refine our English skills. It seems therefore that it is much more important to get us to learn the verb pahoila than to be picky about the way one talks to customers in English. So how about we settle for "we apologize"?


You have done so many courses on Duolingo and still don't get that every alternative needs to be added manually by the moderators who can't possibly think of them all upfront? People, just report instead of complaining in the comments.


What's the logic behind the verb to apologise in Finnish? Should we always use it together with olla and conjugate both at the same time?


Pahoillamme isn't a verb. Paha is the adjective 'bad'. Pahoilla is the adessive plural of paha. So pahoilla would be 'at the bad'. Then -mme is a possessive suffix, meaning 'our'. So pahoillamme is 'at our bad'.

'Olemme pahoillamme' reminds me a bit of "Our bad", and a bit of "We're at fault".

However, I guess there is a verb pahoitella, "to regret/to apologize".


shouldn't also be accepted "our apologies, we have no tea"? I think I saw in other sentences this construction translated this way...reported

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