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"Personne ne vous servira si vous êtes désagréable."

Translation:No one will serve you if you're unpleasant.

July 5, 2020



my dictionary says the désagréable can also mean rude


I pluralized 'desagreables' because nothing the sentence could very well be directed to a couple when vous is used, n'est ce pas?


word reference has disagreeable as the first translation, followed by unpleasant and nasty


I think rude fits better here but I am not brave enough to risk a heart!


But collins French dictionary says that désagréable means unpleasant.........sorry....


Yes as does my Collins-Robert. But it only gives one word - unpleasant. However here is a more complete entry from another source.

désagréable adjective, singular, both unpleasant adj uncomfortable adj Les gens s'impatientent et l'ambiance devient désagréable. People are getting impatient and the atmosphere is becoming uncomfortable. nasty adj Mon frère a de nombreuses habitudes désagréables. My brother has many nasty habits. irritating adj La voiture fait un bruit désagréable. The car is making an irritating noise. obnoxious adj Le micro-ondes dégage une odeur désagréable. There is an obnoxious smell coming from the microwave. less common: annoying adj · disagreeable adj · bothersome adj · objectionable adj · unfriendly adj · rude adj · uneasy adj · unkind adj · horrible adj · bleak adj


I used unfriendly but it was rejected


Why isn't a future tense required for the second verb ?


Maybe because it's a bit of a warning. One person is being unpleasant and the other is letting him/her know that he/she will not be served if it continues.

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