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"Ils ne veulent pas que la prof les entende."

Translation:They don't want the teacher to hear them.

July 5, 2020



The reader says "professeur" instead of "prof". Is this how it should actually be read or is it a mistake?


It is a mistake. The full word for 'the teacher' is 'le professeur' for a male teacher and 'la professeure' for a female teacher. Both of these are often shortened to 'prof' in colloquial speech. (A male teacher is 'le prof' and a female teacher is 'la prof', but the word 'prof' is spelt and pronounced exactly the same irrespective of gender.) However, all three of the words are pronounced as they are spelt. The word 'prof' is just said 'prof' without the 'esseur(e)' bit on the end. If they say 'professeur' or 'professeure' with the 'esseur(e)' bit on the end, that is the word 'professeur(e)' and never 'prof'. For some reason, all Duolingo sentences use 'prof' and never 'professeur(e)', which in itself I dislike as it is not suitable in formal situations. However, if translating English to French, it accepts either 'prof' or 'professeur(e)'. However, on ALL sentences, whether just reading out French text you have to translate, or a listening exercise, the audio, which is computer-generated, seems incapable of just saying 'prof' and always says 'professeur(e)' instead, and then the listening answer only accepts 'prof'. This is totally wrong, incredibly poor and confusing so I report every time this happens, but NOTHING is being done about it. Sadly the Duolingo audio is riddled with such errors. Sadly the MODs cannot control the audio, only the Duolingo team themselves, who never bother fixing any of the problems with the website.

In short, it is hopelessly wrong.


I watched some French movies and from what I HEARD, I can say that it is rather an informal/colloquial speech that makes use of the short version of "professeur" as "prof". I don't know if prof is used in formal speech (probably it is not used foramlly).


Seriously??? The first sentence in this level I went for prof first time because every other sentence in this strand will only accept prof. That was marked wrong, and would only accept professeur. This time I went for professeur and it was marked wrong and you will only accept prof. I really don't care which you accept (although both should be accepted really) but can we please have some consistency to stop wasting everyone's time trying to second guess the system.


Someone please tell me why "entende" ends with an "e". I don't doubt it being correct!


Always remember that verbs after "que" use subjunctive forms.

Refer this for subjunctive conjugations: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/subjunctive-conjugations/


Obviously not all verbs after que use the subjunctive. Rather, we have to go by the verb or phrase before que to determine if the subjunctive is needed. Many lists of these phrases are available online, including the one you linked to.



Does duolingo have a summary of the subjunctive anywhere?


la professeur = ce qu'on a dit


I know! It's like that every time 'prof' comes up (see above comment).


Due must be corrected for the second question in this set to use prof as a translation of the spoken professeur


Please fix this stupid mistake Duo! Accept la professeure as spoken.

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