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"Excuse me, but what market square is this?"

Translation:Anteeksi, mutta mikä tori tämä on?

July 5, 2020



Should accept "market" as a translation to "tori".

The word "tori" in Finnish can refer both to a market square (in which case it's more of a contraction from "toriaukio"), but also to a market event (i.e. a farmers' market).


Just wondering why "mitä" becomes "mikä" here?


Basically a question of cases, "mikä" is the nominative case, "mitä" the partitive case (the cases of many pronouns are a bit irregular so they are not always easy to spot...)

So in this sentence it's nominative "mikä tori" (what market square) but if one used some verb that requires a partitive case, e.g. "mitä toria tämä muistuttaa" (what market square this resembles)


Seems like what vs which.

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