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"Miksi muusikko puhuu englantia?"

Translation:Why is the musician speaking English?

July 5, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Why does the musician speak English?


    I was wondering something similar: How would one ask "Why does the musician speak English?" as compared to "Why is the musician speaking English?"

    Given that this is Finnish, I expect it's done with verb tenses that'll make my head hurt, but I just had to ask.


    There is no difference in Finnish. If it's not clear from the context, you have to add words that clarify you mean "right now".


    Yeah, Finnish only has one present tense, preesens. There is no real future tense either, although of course you can indicate it in various other ways. "Muusikko puhuu englantia" could be about something they'll do tomorrow.

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