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  5. "Tämä veranta on lämmin."

"Tämä veranta on lämmin."

Translation:This veranda is warm.

July 5, 2020



How can a veranda be warm when it is outside?


What is a veranda?


A porch-like structure attached to an entrance or exit of a living estate.


A warm veranda in Finland... So about 10c ?


It depends on the season. If it's winter and -15°C outside, 10°C is warm for a veranda, but if it's summer, maybe above or around +20°C would be considered warm where I live.


Am I hearing it wrong, or is she pronouncing lämmin as if it was spelt lämnin?


How to pronounce veranta? Is it sound like DA or TA?


It's pronounced with an unaspirated T, which to native speakers of a language that tends to use aspirated plosives, such as English, can sound more like a D sometimes. However, English does use unaspirated plosives as well in some instances. For instance when the T is preceded by an S, like in the word "stand", so if you're not sure how to pronounce an unaspirated T, you could practice saying "stand" with a silent S. In words like "take", where the T is aspirated, it sounds more like a combination of T and H to a Finn. All plosives in Finnish, which include /p/, /t/ and /k/, are always unaspirated.


Kiitos! That helps a lot! I was just thinking why "veranta" and "anteeksi" have D sounds when I listened to the pronunciations.. And now I get it!

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