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  5. "It is a bunny!"

"It is a bunny!"

Translation:Se on pupu!

July 5, 2020



Why do we learn bunny and snake before we learn any verbs, such as "to try, study, work, love"?


It's important to learn to listen and learn the letters, sounds and pronunciation of a language before getting in deeper, or moving on to the trickier stuff. The words in this section are still pretty simple and short. It all prepares to what's to come.


It is important to learn the simple words first, then we can go to difficult grammer. That is why they are first understanding us the meanings, pronunciation and listening to it carefully, so that we can go to difficult grammer. Ok.☺☺


We should first learn the main words, like: simple, important, people....in other languages otherwise it is an awesome app, for all☺☺♥️♥️


I write "se on _bunny"

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