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  5. "Tuo veranta on lämmin."

"Tuo veranta on lämmin."

Translation:That veranda is warm.

July 5, 2020


[deactivated user]

    We don't really do verandas in Finland, we have terraces "Terassi“ which are usually at the back of a house whikst verandas are usually at the front.


    In Britain, a veranda can be at the front, back, or side of a house. Verandas are made from wood. Sports stadiums have terraces that slope up from the playing field so all the spectators can see what is happening on the field. There are also terraces that are cut into the side of a hill because it is easier to grow crops on flat ground.

    [deactivated user]

      Yep, I'm British and Irish (but have lived in Finland for 16 years) so I'm aware the word Veranda has a wide scope. Yet in finland Terassi means a porch or decking front or back, it has nothing to do with the "terraces" as you mentioned.

      Veranta or Veranda is an uncommon word in Finland


      There are some. But yeah, it's common to have a 'kuisti' in the front and a 'terassi' in the back. Doesn't affect the translation though; the closest word for veranda is veranta. It could be translated as 'kuisti' as well, but I think 'porch' might be more accurate equivalent for that one. :)


      Lämmin is specifically warm and not hot?


      Yes. Hot is kuuma.


      But when you hover over Lämmin, it says warm or hot. Is this an error?


      In the US I have never heard anyone use the word veranda. We call it a porch if it is on the ground floor, or a balcony if it is above the ground floor of the home/apartment.


      Must be a regional thing. I grew up in Alabama and we had a veranda on our house...


      Something like a front porch or something like that. We usually don't have them where I live but I know from American films :D


      How can a veranda be warm when it is outside?


      Terassi Betoni. That's how they do it in Finland.


      What does it mean? Looks similar to how "concrete terrace" would be said in my native language, but I have never seen any other languages say concrete as beton.


      What is the difference between tuo and tämmä ? :)

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