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"Hirvi on suuri eläin ja hiiri pieni."

Translation:The moose is a large animal and the mouse a small one.

July 5, 2020



A moose is a big animal and a mouse small. Perfectly acceptable English, not accepted, reported

[deactivated user]

    Why can we not use A Moose and a mouse, where is the rule here for specifying "The" which are we talking about?

    Without any context surely A is as acceptable as The?


    Two months later and it is not fixed. I wrote "The moose is a big animal and the mouse small" and it was marked wrong but shouldn't be. Reported.


    Is it OK to omit second verb "on"? (not "... ja hiiri on pieni.")


    "The moose is a large animal and the mouse is small" is literally the same as the Finnish sentence. It needs to be accepted.


    Correct Finnish sentence 'Hirvi on suuri ja hiiri pieni eläin'

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    That's much better.


    But both are entirely correct and used.


    That is not a compound word, but this works in a similar way.
    One can probably say that "susi on suurpeto ja minkki on pien(i)". Sounds pretty weird, or you have to repeat the word "peto" which also sounds weird. In Finnish, the order goes "susi on suur- ja minkki pienpeto".
    Or if you don't want use compounds: "susi on suuri ja minkki pieni petoeläin".


    Yes, but only one of these is fluent Finnish.

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