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  5. "The cream is all gone."

"The cream is all gone."

Translation:Kerma on loppu.

July 5, 2020



It should be "Kerma on loppunut". "Kerma on loppu" is bad Finnish


Or just spoken language. But that's true, sometimes the spoken language stuff just sounds so natural that you forget about how it's actually supposed to be :D


The cream is finished.- Would that be accepted?


I'd accept that but I don't know about Duolingo. This is actually one of those Finnish words that I always struggle with when I'm trying to say something in English (I'm a native Finn) because nothing seems good enough, so I actually often use "to finish" or "finished".


Thanks for helping MCR+. My brother-in-law used -loppu(t)- extensively to explain to the dog she was not going to get any more. Perhaps the swedish -slut- gets close, but I would also translate that with -finished-.


No problem :) Yeah, "loppu" is also a noun and means "end" in English of "slut" in Swedish. And funny tho, "loppu" is also exactly what we also say to my parents' dog when she's not going to get any more treats, meaning that we just ran out of anything to feed to her :D


I was surprised that there is no partitive here - is there an obvious reason?


Partitive doesn't fit any words in this sentence because we are now talking about the cream as a whole, and it has ran out completely.

I think "on loppu" is more of a saying and reminds me of "on loppunut", which is the perfect past tense from the verb "loppua": kerma loppuu -> kerma loppui -> kerma on loppunut. I'm not certain about the etymology or grammar, not sure if "loppu" here is just a short form of this or an adjective, but as a native I'd think it has something to do with what I just explained here.

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