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"Onko sinulla toista deodoranttia? Tämä haisee!"

Translation:Do you have some other deodorant? This one stinks!

July 5, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I feel like "another" would be better than "some other".

    Another sounds more like "I like this thing, but it's broken or otherwise faulty, so I want one just like this that works". Some other is more "this thing is garbage to begin with, I want something different".


    Native English speaker here. "Another" only works for countable things and deodorant is not something countable in English.


    Therefore, is 'I have two deodorants' wrong?


    Yeah, it'd be I have two sticks of deodorant or two cans of deodorant (or some other countable container)


    Correct answer shouldn't have the word 'other'. The sentence should then be 'onko sinulla jotain toista deodoranttia' ?


    Without the "other", the sentence loses the translation of "toista". It excludes at least one option, whereas just "some deodorant" doesn't. "Jotain" is optional in any case because its meaning is already covered by the partitive case.


    I read somewhere that Finns have a reputation for being plain speaking. But how likely is it that a customer speaking to a shop assistant would be critical in quite these terms?


    Quite likely :'D If I hate the deodorant, I rather say it so I can get something different than just waste time trying to be nice for no reason.

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