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  5. "I have a white pony."

"I have a white pony."

Translation:Minulla on valkoinen poni.

July 5, 2020



I love that Deftones album.


Gandalf in his youth


Gandaf is riding a horse, not a pony

Horse = hevonen


I wrote "valkera" instead of "valkea" and it tells me i have a typo. I did not. It was a genuine mistake. I think typos should not be allowed in the language you are trying to learn. Only in english


Apart from learning finnish, I'm enjoying these jokes in comment section.


Why is "on" after "minulla"?


Are you asking why on is placed second in the sentence, or why on is in the sentence at all?

On needs to be included because it's the only verb in the sentence. Minulla isn't a verb. Literally, minulla just means 'on/at/by me'. Finnish doesn't have a verb 'have', so it uses the construction 'At me is a white pony'.

As for word order, I believe the most neutral order in statements puts on between the subject and whatever noun, adjective, or adverb on is linking the subject to.

So both 'Minulla on valkoinen poni' and "Valkoinen poni on minulla' are possible, though the latter is more likely to translate to "I have the white pony".

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