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  5. "pala tummaa leipää"

"pala tummaa leipää"

Translation:a slice of dark bread

July 5, 2020



pala is piece, not slice.


Yeah, "slice" would be "siivu" or "viipale".


I (accidentally) chose "the slice..." and it was marked incorrect. Is that correct and how would that translate?


Hmm, probably as "se pala tummaa leipää", 'se' is sometimes used the same way as 'the' in English to emphasize a specific object.


Not really, "se" is "that", always. When it's interpreted (not translated) as "the", it is used to correct something previous or reinforce something previous, usually starting with "no se".

[deactivated user]

    Pala usually means a piece. It can be used as slice in context if its bread for example, but it's not common


    Absolutely never. I'm a native speaker. If i want a slice of bread, i'll ask for a "viipale", if i want a "pala" of bread, this usually means it's a small bread that i'm getting a piece of.

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