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"Italialaiset kengät ovat tuolla."

Translation:The Italian shoes are over there.

July 5, 2020



sorry WHAT?? "Italian shoes are over there." doesn't fit and it HAS to be THE Italian shoes? It's just plain stupid


It kind of does have to be that way. Despite the lack of articles, definiteness and indefiniteness can be expressed in existential clauses with word order and, when there's a plural subject, with grammatical case as well. When the existential clause begins with the subject, i.e. the thing that exists, the subject is definite. In other words, "Tuolla on kenkä" translates to "There is a shoe (over) there", whereas "Kenkä on tuolla" translates to "The shoe is (over) there". Here we have a plural subject, so grammatical case is another factor. The nominative plural form used here indicates definiteness, whereas the partitive plural form, which would be "italialaisia kenkiä", would indicate indefiniteness, i.e. just "Italian shoes" without the definite article.


the problem is, whenever anything like this turns up, you never know if it is one of Duolingo mistakes again or it's actually right. Because it does have a LOT of mistakes (I judge by the languages I am fluent in or am a native speaker of). But when you're studying a language, you don't know if that's the case. Like, it works the same way in Russian (for the same reason), and they never get it right.


Even after the fire? (This is a reference to Henning Mankell)


The authors of the course definitely have their own idea of English. Most of the 'mistakes' are related to just this.


the same happens with Norwegian and Russian (btw, it has SO many mistakes in Russian, and the voicing is SO horrible and wrong SO often...)


Why is "Over" so necessary?


it isn't, it's just Duolingo being Duolingo as usual


I think tuolla can mean just "there" but Finnish uses tuolla to mean over there, like further away vs tuossa, which I think of as being closer, right there.

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