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  5. "Väinö on tosi hyvä laulaja."

"Väinö on tosi hyvä laulaja."

Translation:Väinö is a really good singer.

July 5, 2020



This is ridiculous. I should be able to answer with "very good" as much as "really good." it doesn't even follow the rules of the lessons taught about "todella"!


Agree totally..its early days we have to hope for improvement,there are many irritations of this sort at present .


Wouldn't "a very good singer" also be correct?


I'm pretty sure that very good is now accepted


As a native English speaker I would say he's really a good singer. But apparently my English is wrong


It has a very subtle difference, though. He's really, or he really is, expresses a degree of surprise at the fact that he sings well, whereas he's a really good singer is merely expressing an opinion on his skill.


I agree but I would say the meaning depends a lot on word emphasis which gets lost on the page. Also, technically, really is an adverb hence modifies a verb. Anyway, I don't want to create an extended thread on the English language, just trying to get better at Finnish.

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