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"What size coat are you looking for?"

Translation:Minkäkokoista takkia etsit?

July 5, 2020



Native speaker here. I googled it and apparently "minkäkokoista" is an accepted form as well but honestly, no one would write it like that, we'd say "minkä kokoista"


Also native. Even if this is an accepted form, it is never used and probably should not be taught as the first and/or only option. Minkälainen is the only common one ottomh.


Yep. I was wondering the same thing. Usually these types of words are written separately.


"Minkäkokoista takkia sinä etsit?" should also be allowed [reported]


Why does duolingo sometimes accept an answer if we put "minä, sinä, hän..." etc in some questions but rejects in others?


I guess we should just keep on reporting, and they will fix it one day...


Is there a difference between using "mitä kokoa" and "minkä kokoista"?


"Mitä kokoa" can work on its own, since "koko" (size) is a noun. So you can say "Mitä kokoa (sinä) etsit?". The nominative is "mikä koko" (what size).

"Minkä kokoinen" (or "minkäkokoinen" always needs a noun, noun phrase or a pronoun to modify. So you need to say "Minkä kokoinen (tuo) (vihreä) takki on?", "Minkä kokoinen se on?" etc.


Don't know if Duo is literally right this minute in the process of changing their policy on whether "minkäkokoista" is one or two words ... but I just got a caution that I omitted to put a space in my one word version (i.e. the one that's been used on Duolingo so far). But I'm staring at the "Translation" section on this forum page and it's there in black and white: "minkäkokoista"! Reported 13.05.21,


Mitä kokoa should be correct too!


Not in this context. It works only if "takkia" is not included.

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