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  5. "Siivoatko lattiaa?"

"Siivoatko lattiaa?"

Translation:Are you cleaning the floor?

July 5, 2020



How should I understand WHO is cleaning the floor? Select the missing word "____ lattiaa?". Siivoavatko would be the right answer in case of them (He siivoavat). Siivoatko in case of you (Sina siivoat). Isn't it?



  • (sinä) siivoat -> siivoatko (sinä) = you in singular
  • (te) siivoatte -> siivoatteko (te) = you in plural
  • he siivoavat -> siivoavatko he = they

Remember that you can't leave out the pronoun in the 3rd person singular nor plural. If Duolingo does not accept sinä or te in sentences like these, you can report it because it should be accepted as there's no way telling from the English sentence which one Duolingo wants as correct.


Thanks for the answer! Yes, maybe the answer with "Siivoavatko" can't be acceptable bc of the necessity of "he" mentioning.


Siivoavatko he lattiaa = Are THEY cleaning the floor.


Are you cleaning = siivoatko (sinä) / siivoatteko (te)


Why does the word "siivota" change the ending to"siivoatko", not to "siivotatko"? Is there some rule for omitting this letter t?


The verb stem is shorter than the infinitive form - so the infinitive is siivota but the stem is actually siivo- and all the suffixes will be added to that. "Siivo" actually also means "tidiness" or "cleanliness" (ironically tho, saying "Täällä on kauhea siivo!" for some reason means "What a mess!")

There's a lot more to the Finnish verb stems than just that so I'll give you a link to the Uusi kielemme website.


Duo doesn't like my attempt to substitute "washing" for "cleaning". I'm fine with that (if it is accurate), but if they are not interchangeable, what's "washing"?

I ask because washing is often (but not always) a colloquially acceptible substitute in American English.


The word for "washing" is "pestä" (minä pesen, sinä peset, hän pesee etc.)

I guess a more specific translation for "siivota" would be "to tidy up", or something to that extent.

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