"The terrible year."

Translation:A' bhliadhna uabhasach.

July 5, 2020

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Otherwise known as 2020. Question though: would am bliadhna uabhasach also be correct?


bliadhna is a feminine noun, so "the year" has to be a' bhliadhna.

The hyphenated am-bliadhna is a set phrase meaning "this year" - other useful expressions for years are an-ath-bhliadhna for "next year" (as opposed to unhyphenated an ath bhliadhna for "the following year"), an-uiridh for "last year" and a-bhòn-uiridh for "the year before last".


And worth noting is that am in am-bliadhna is not the definite article the, but rather the preposition in. It literally means in year, an older, shorter structure for something that today would be ann am bliadhna. The same happens in an-diugh for today, lit. in day.

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