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  5. "Tämä limonadi on mustaa."

"Tämä limonadi on mustaa."

Translation:This soda pop is black.

July 5, 2020



Could some native or expert explain why do we need to add an extra letter on musta?


It's the partitive case ending. Partitive case is used:

  • After numerals
  • After words that express quantity
  • With indefinite amounts
  • With negative sentences
  • With irresultative phrases
  • With partitive verbs (a group of verbs that always or almost always require their object to be inflected in the partitive case)
  • With prepositions

It should also be -ä instead of -a when the preceding vowel is a front vowel. The -a ending is used when it's a back vowel.


I don't see which of those categories "tämä limonadi on mustaa" falls in. Could you clarify that?


There is a rule in Finnish that when an adjective is used as the predicative complement (that is, the stuff following "olla," or "on") for a divisible subject, the adjective must be in the partitive case. In other words, because "limonadi" refers to a divisible quantity, the partitive adjective is used to describe the part of that quantity which we are talking about. On the other hand, we wouldn't use a partitive adjective to describe a "poika" because the boy is not divisible like soda is—instead, the nominative is used.


Beautifully explained !


It falls under the category of an indefinite amount because the "limonadi" is a mass noun.


Kiitos for such a great explanation, sir! :)


Sometimes 'lemonade' is accepted as a translation of limonadi. This time it was not. 'Soda pop' is American English, 'lemonade' is British English. It would be good if both were acceptable.


Honest question--this sentence describes a black fizzy drink; would you really call that lemonade?


"Lemonade" isn't accepted here. I don't like being wrong just for using British English :(


why isn't lemonade accepted? i never use soda pop in my speach...


Thanks a lot! This is helpful!


Onko se cocaa colaa?


Onko se Coca colaa? Coca cola is name, so you don't put the -a/-ä after coca. Onko se aitoa Coca colaa? - is it genuine Coca cola? (aito - genuine, real) (Could be :-D But probably omenalimonadia.)

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