"an fhùil ghorm"

Translation:the blue blood

July 5, 2020

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does this have the kind of aristocratic implication it does in english?


I was wondering the same thing. Or, does it mean that he is very cold?


I am absolutely not an expert, but I read in the tips section you can access on the website version, and Ie watched on the youtube channel gaidhlig gu leor¨

That Gaelic does colors differently than we do, I bet it has a lot to do with that. it may be that they use the word gorm (blue) to express the color of blood.

I would like to know as well


i would be surprised if it was that. red and blue, as referred to in english, are at opposite ends of the vissiable spectrum and we use different cones to see them. the boundries between green and blue, or whether something is more grey or blue makes sense, but using "gorm" and "dearg" to refer to the same colour

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