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"Ahkera opettaja puhuu sujuvaa suomea."

Translation:The hardworking teacher speaks fluent Finnish.

July 5, 2020



I'm a bit confused with the fact that I'm learning more complex sentences like this before learning even numbers or more basic and necessary things. "Hardworking", "Wizard", "Parakeet"... Aren't there more necessary things and aspects of the Finnish language to be learned before these?


One big reason why you see some strange words in the early lessons is that they are grammatically simple, for example that you can just add the case endings without changing the word at all. The point of the course is not just to teach vocabulary but of course also to teach Finnish grammar. To help the learners to understand how the case endings work, we want to start with words where nothing strange happens. Unfortunately this means that we cannot use a lot of the basic/common words in these early lessons because strange happens with the majority of words. Believe me, we spent a lot of time trying to find words that are relatively common but grammatically simple. Also, trying to form sentences without using the cases to teach more common vocabulary is not really an option because you can't really form a lot of sentences using only nominative.


To be honest, I'm equally puzzled but it's the way it is. Perhaps there was some agenda related to pronunciation for choosing these words in the early chapters.


Yeah, maybe... But still...


Ahkera also means diligent, and this should be an acceptable (and even better) answer.


Is "sujuvaa" used only for languages, or it can describe something else?


It can describe other things too, for example traffic: Liikenne on sujuvaa.


Finnish is really hard.


Why couldn't it also be "A hardworking teacher speaks fluent Finnish"? I decided to try that just to see, thinking that the meaning might be something like "any teacher who is really hardworking speaks fluent Finnish" - but I was marked wrong.


I app keeps rejecting my right answer as wrong. I have translated this sentence in Finnish ' Ahkera oppetaja puhuu sujuvaa suomea' more than four times and the app keep flagging it as wrong


It's opettaja, not oppetaja. Maybe that is the problem.

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