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"The couple from Helsinki is at home watching an American series."

Translation:Helsinkiläinen pari katselee kotona amerikkalaista sarjaa.

July 5, 2020



The couple was from Helsinki. The answer did not indicate it.


It's slightly difficult to translate "Helsinkiläinen pari", and I guess they decided to go with "from". It's something like "a Helsinkian couple" really.

Helsingissä asuva pari - a couple that lives in Helsinki

Helsingistä kotoisin oleva pari - a couple that's from Helsinki


I wrote "Helsinkiläinen pari on kotona ja katselevat amerikkalaista sarjaa" which seems like a reasonable alternative, but it was marked wrong. It seems this should also be accepted, since we don't yet have the form "katselemassa," which might be the best fit? Though I may be lost in the Finnish forest . . .


It would have to be katselee since pari is treated as a singular.


Oh, thank you--and I actually had it that way in the exercise. I just mistyped it here. Sorry.


Why is katselee coming before kotona? I had written Helsinkiläinen pari kotona katselee amerikkalaista sarjaa and it eas marked wrong...

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