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"The man whom I love is serious but funny."

Translation:Mies, jota rakastan, on vakava mutta hauska.

July 5, 2020



"..jota minä rakastan" should be acceptable


Why not joka given the verb is partitive


Because "jota" is in partitive. "Joka" is a nominative form.


Help me here; mies is the subject in nominative, this clause is about that man, why is it jota then? I've followed the logic elsewhere but here it escapes me


The logic is the same that causes the English relative pronoun to assume the form "whom" instead of "who". This whole sentence isn't a single clause because there's a relative clause within it, and the verb in that relative clause can't target something outside of its clause. The verb "rakastan" can therefore only act upon the relative pronoun "jota", which makes it an object. Since "rakastaa" is a partitive verb, it requires partitive case for its object.


thanks, this is helpful!

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