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"Excuse me, but where is the market square?"

Translation:Anteeksi, mutta missä tori on?

July 5, 2020



Why is "missä on tori" wrong? The order doesn't really matter here.


It seems like the author has consistently put in only wh-word + subj + verb as the only way to translate wh- questions. Hopefully the other order can be added to all question translations at once before the Beta is over.


Came here to ask about that. I generally tend to put "on" before the noun in this kind of questions, eg. "Mikä on jäähai?" instead of "Mikä jäähai on?". Is it correct to say it like this?

Edit: I've learned from other comments that, at least in case of questions with "missä", on in the end means your asking about a particular thing, an on before the noun means you ask about any thing of this kind.


missä tori on? = where is the market square?
missä on tori? = where is a market square?

I have to say, I prefer definite articles.


It is not wrong: both alternatives are right. Neither sounds strange or unnatural in Finnish, and the difference in meaning is very subtle. Finnish just has free word order here, and Duo should accept it.

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