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"Hirvi juoksee ja juoksee, koska se kuulee, että lähellä on pari sutta."

Translation:The moose keeps on running, because it can hear that there are a couple of wolves near.

July 5, 2020



"nearby" needs to be acceptable, as well.


"...there are a couple wolves nearby." should be accepted.


What difference does it make that the translation is "keeps running and running" or "runs and runs"? And does it have to be "there are a couple of wolves.."? Why not "it can hear a couple of wolves near" or "two wolves near".. I guess I am wondering what learning objective this particular sentence/translation serves here...


Those other translations seem equally valid to me. There are several questions like this where the accepted answers are so narrowly limited, mainly because Duolingo just hasn't yet added any alternatives. Go ahead and report it. As for the learning objective, I think they're trying to reinforce this particular Finnish "(verb) and (verb)" construction, as a few of the questions are built around it, just like with "sekä...että" in others.


I would add narrowly constructed to something a native English speaker would not say. The only possible way to get these right is to get it wrong and record the odd English phrase that they want you to enter.


Well, "narrowly constructed" certainly would describe the answer requirements for some of these questions, which defeats the learning process, in my opinion. Recording the expected response is indeed something I was having to do, as well, as I maneuvered my way through the course originally. That makes sense to do some of the time, but when it is almost the norm... It shouldn't be that cumbersome.


I wrote "The elk keeps on running because it hears that a pair of wolves is nearby". It is marked wrong but I believe it should have been accepted.


"The elk runs and runs" is what the finnish says, and it seems a better translation, and more accurate, than "keeps on running". - One fine day I'm gonna be the one to make you understand...

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