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"I am neither fishing nor picking berries."

Translation:En ole kalassa enkä marjassa.

July 5, 2020



"Mina en ole" should also be acceptable


If you mean "minä en ole", then yes. Mina would be a (foreign) name.

Btw, "En ole kalassa enkä marjassa" literally means "I am neither in(side) the fish nor in(side) the berry." We have some funny ways of wording our activities...


Thanks for clearing that up! I tried the literal meaning in an earlier question and got no points. My half Finnish brain has trouble accepting the correct English translation. For me "to fish" has always been "onkia"



"Onkia" is indeed also "to fish/angle". Specifically you are fishing using an "onki(vapa)", a fishing rod or pole.

Figuratively speaking you can also "onkia" or "kalastaa" information, the same as in English (to try to get information indirectly/by artifice).


Minä en ole is now accepted


"Minä en ole..." should be acceptable as well as "En ole..."


Are there differences between eikä and enkä?


Enkä is first person singular, eikä is third person singular.


Are enkä / eikä both exclusively "nor"? I have enkä in my notes as "or", together with vai and tai, but now I can't remember where enkä would be used as "or" so I think I may have written it down wrong.


I'd say it depends on the translation. Enkä / eikä are both negative, so it might be better to think of them as 'nor' (even though strictly speaking they don't always need the first option to be negative, only the one that comes after; for example "olen kalassa enkä marjassa" could be translated as "I'm fishing, not picking berries"). They could be translated sometimes as 'or' with a different grammatical structure, for example this exercise would be "I'm not fishing or picking berries" (a bit clunky with this sentence, but I hope you get what I mean by that).

Hard to explain, but hopefully my garbled thoughts help at least a little.


That does help; kiitos. I think I may have the first glimmers of an intuitive grasp of enkä.


marjastamassa should be accepted

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