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  5. "Tämä undulaatti on kaunis."

"Tämä undulaatti on kaunis."

Translation:This parakeet is beautiful.

July 5, 2020



why not "this parakeet is lovely"??


"pretty" was also not accepted, seems a bit overly picky


@mschanz: "pretty" and "beautiful" are not synonyms. (Aug 2020)


They may not be exact synonyms of each other but what matters is whether they are both reasonable translations for the Finnish word kaunis. Even "nice" might fall within that range. Finnish and English words are rarely going to be exact one-to-one matches and it is useful if a range of words are accepted.


Why not "This is a beautiful parakeet"?


This is a beautiful parakeet = Tämä on kaunis undulaatti

This parakeet is beautiful = Tämä undulaatti on kaunis

In the first one you're emphasising: TÄMÄ on kaunis undulaatti. (THIS is a beautiful parakeet.) For example you're pointing a picture with many animals

In the second one you're emphasising: Tämä undulaatti on KAUNIS. (This parakeet is BEAUTIFUL.) You're pointing to the fact that it is beautiful. It might be a new fact.


I think that would be "Tämä on kaunis undulaatti". In your statement, the subject is "This", and "beautiful parakeet" describes your subject. In the case of the question, "This Parakeet" is the subject and "beautiful" describes it.


@Justin86301: Because that is a different sentence ..


Whar is a "Parakeet" ?? Is it like a parrot and a macow ? Haha , I really don't know...


Parakeet is actually a family of over a hundred different species of parrots. The animal referred to here, undulaatti (Melopsittacus undulatus), is actually budgerigar in English, but in American English it's usually just called parakeet.

Undulaatti originates from Australia and they're very popular pets especially in Europe and North America.

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