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"– How much time do they have? – Only eight minutes."

Translation:– Paljonko heillä on aikaa? – Vain kahdeksan minuuttia.

July 5, 2020



Is It correct to say "Paljonko aikaa heillä on"?


Yes, you can say that too, although it sounds a bit more natural to have "aikaa" at the end of the sentence.


Why is aikaa in the partitive here? Is it because the question is paljonko, or because time is uncountable? In the latter case, when would aika not be used in the partitive?


It's because it's uncountable. "Aika" would be used in nominative case when it refers to a specific moment in time, for example "nyt on aika mennä", meaning "it is time to go now". Using partitive case instead would change the meaning to "we now have time to go".


Thanks for your answer it's very helpful!

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