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Duolingo fails to check accents correctly [x-post from main forum]

I'm not sure if it is limited to Portuguese or if this is an issue across all languages, but it seems in checking the correctness of a translation, Duolingo will check that accents exist on the letters which require them but it does not check whether the accents are the correct ones. I have thought this for a while and tested it.

The correct translation for "You take the information to the director" is

"Você leva a informação para o diretor"

but Duolingo also accepts

"Vocé leva a informaçáo para o diretor"

without even suggesting that something is wrong. This is very confusing. For a while I thought some of the accents must have been interchangeable.

May 14, 2013



And thats a problem... accents change the pronunciation and sometimes the meaning of a sentence! Thats something worth correcting!


There are no interchangeable accents in Portuguese. The only correct translation for "You take the information to the director" is "Você leva a informação para o diretor". If Duolingo accepts other accents, probably it's because it doesn't offer the other accents. And a curiosity: ''~" (called "til") is not an accent. It's a graphic sign that indicates that it's a nasal sound. Then the word "informaçáo" would sound like "informaSAL".


It's not working again, since weeks.
To be more precise: Where Duolingo asks for complete phrases, there is no accent checking. Where Duo asks for single words, there is.


The minor typos also don't get commented anymore. There are two other threads about this, each of them more than six years old:


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