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Here today, gone tomorrow.

I logged in today to find only to find that one of my subscriptions had disappeared on its own. To get it back as an option to the LEARNING pull down menu, I added back in as a 'new' subscription. I probably shouldn't have done that because it busted me all the way back down to level 1 - 0 points.

Oh well, that was fun while it lasted.

August 6, 2014



Hi daveSp,

I actually have no idea what you're talking about. Subscriptions usually refer to forums. Are you talking about adding courses and then resetting or removing them? It is good to take caution when using either of those options. Here is why (see the Notes section of this entry on the wiki).

Also, when posting to Troubleshooting, the tech team will need to know what operating system and browser you're using. For example I'm using Windows7/Firefox. (I'm not part of the tech team.)


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I couldn't find the entry to which you were referring. The hyperlink brought up the entire wiki from the top. Could you be more specific as to which entry is relevant? Thanks.

P.S. Windows 8/Firefox

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