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"– Do you live in Finland? – No. I am a tourist."

Translation:– Asutko sinä Suomessa? – En. Olen turisti.

July 6, 2020



Can the "te" form not be used formally in the singular?


It can be, but usage of the singular "Te" is very uncommon nowadays. Using it may make you seem like a time traveller from the 1950's, particularly among the younger generation.


In my opinion, using "te" might actually be more appropriate for example, if this is some kind of customer service situation. Anyways, using 'te' form (teitittely) is not as important as in French for example.


All these should be accepted: "asutko (sinä) Suomessa" or "asutteko (te) Suomessa".


No because the answer is at the singular form. Which implies the question is addressed to only one person.


One of my biggest gripes with these lessons: It is grammatically correct to leave the pronoun out of the Finnish sentence. In fact, the farther along in lessons, Duolingo leaves the pronoun out of their sentences more. Either with our without the pronoun, as long as the verb is conjugated correctly, the translation is correct.


That and it is considered bad style to use the pronouns when the verb conveys it anyway(except 3rd person of course).

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