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  5. "Ehkä he eivät puhu venäjää."

"Ehkä he eivät puhu venäjää."

Translation:Maybe they do not speak any Russian.

July 6, 2020



"any" is not required in this sentence.


Why is "maybe they cannot speak russian " wrong here? Is dl emphasizing eivät, rather than osavat?


is "perhaps they do not speak russian" acceptable, any is not in the question


Should we be able to deduce or contrast a "finnic" thought process back to the concept of quantifiable indefiniteness vs. definiteness behind, for example: • "[they] DON'T speak..." "[eivat] puhu..." truncating the infinitve puhu/a, (ie. distinctly not partitive)

... while alternatively: • "[they] CAN'T speak..." "[eivat] osaa puhua..." distinctly retains the partitive (or intact infinitive)


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