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"Ce chien est le père des chiots que tu as vus."

Translation:This dog is the father of the puppies you saw.

July 6, 2020



Quote: "The only time you will have an agreement with avoir is when there is a direct object preceding the past participle." In this case, "des chiots" is the direct object (you saw the puppies) and it precedes "... as vu", so change it to " as vus". Here's another example: "La voiture que j'ai achetée est noire." - acheté (past participle) must be changed to achetée to agree with la voiture. I usually pay close attention whenever I see "que" before the verb. Hope this helps.


des= is some, not THE isn't it?


Here it is "of the"


dah! Merci- I missed that!


The word "the" is not necessary in English before "puppies" in this sentence. Without more context, what other puppies would there be? Reported.


the puppies' father, the father of the puppies--both the same. both should be accepted


I don't see how you could make the first one work. "This dog is the puppies' father that you just saw" sounds like you just saw the father. It needs to be "the father of the puppies" because the following clause refers to the puppies.


My answer is technically correct other than omitting the apostrophe after puppies and should have been accepted

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