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"Roosa does not realize that it is the wrong market square."

Translation:Roosa ei tajua, että se on väärä tori.

July 6, 2020



What's the difference between väärin and väärä?


The first one is an adverb and the second one is an adjective.


Can someone explain the difference with examples please


Do you mean the difference between väärä and väärin? Maybe it's easier if you think väärä is incorrect and väärin is incorrectly. So "wrong = incorrect number" would be "väärä numero" and "I remembered (it) wrong = incorrectly" would be "Muistin väärin."


While tajuta is part of the standard speech, its use is highly specialised (and not part of a basic course), and to my native ears here in this sentence it sounds strange. A better would be ymmärtää, i.e. Roosa ei ymmärrä, että…


What about "Roosa ei huomaa.."?


Yes, the verb huomata would be a good choice here.

Addendum 2021-01-21

I came to think that huomata is actually the best choice for this sentence, because it means that Roosa has not noticed, realised that the market square is not the one she looks for.

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