"Should I call you tonight?"

Translation:Je t'appelle ce soir ?

July 6, 2020

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I am calling you this evening doesn't seem the same as should i call you this evening what happened to the should?


same question, is this duo's fault, or is this how french is? surely there is a word for should

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    Where is the should in duo's response? Devrais-je t’appeler ce soir SHOULD be accepted

    • « Devrais-je t’appeler ce soir? » was accepted for me in July 2021


    • « Devrais-je vous appeler ce soir? » was accepted for me in July 2021


    My answer used "le soir" instead of "ce soir" and was marked false. Checking in a dictionary I have found it was right.


    Hi! Native French speaker here.

    « Le » and « ce » have very different meanings in French.

    • « Le » means: the

    • « Ce » means: this

    • « Ce soir » translates to: this evening or tonight

    • « Le soir » translates to: the evening

    But if you think your answer should have been accepted, I suggest to report it by clicking on the flag icon or on the report button (depending on which one appears on your device) next time.

    The Duolingo staff doesn’t really read all the forums, so it’s the easiest way to let them know about things like that…

    Hope this helped…

    Bonne journée et bonne étude!


    Same here, je dois t'appeller ce soir ?


    why is ... devrais-je t'appeler ce soir not correct??


    « Devrais-je t’appeler ce soir? » was accepted for me in July 2021


    what is wrong with je vous appelle ce soir?


    I was going to ask the same, but I wrote 'appellez'


    Why does the drop-down box say "t'appeler" for "call you" if it should be "t'appelle"? Can anyone please explain?


    The hints are just that: hints!

    They are not the right answer!

    They are like some kind of synonymous dictionary of sorts. Not every word works in every context!

    It’s your job to decide if they work with the sentence, the context, the conjugation, etc…


    Assuming '?' means 'Should'

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